JCHolidays Latest News for Orlando Florida
JCHolidays Latest News for Orlando Florida
JCHolidays Latest News for Orlando Florida

JCHolidays News - Autumn 2014:

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Autumn 2014.

Welcome to this JCHolidays newsletter. Sorry we have not been in touch recently but over the last year we have been extremely busy making the JCHolidays villa even more magical for you. So grab a drink and sit back and have a read of all the updates we have done.

JCHolidays Florida Pool Rental Villa JCHolidays Florida Holiday Villa

Professional External Repaint
It looks like new!

The first thing you will notice as you approach the villa is it has a new swim suit on! Yes we have had the whole of the external of the villa professionally repainted. We are so pleased with the result, they took their time to wash it all down, seal it and prepare the surfaces before thy even started to paint it. This included all the aluminium work as well, so it looks like the day we bought it.

But this is JCHolidays  so we did not stop there, the pool deck has also been painted. With the sparkle of the pool it feels so clean and fresh. Our fabulous management company have also cleaned the pool cage so it looks like new. When we were there last week it just sparkled.

New - Electronic Garage Door
Open Sesame.

The garage door opener has been replaced and upgraded to the latest model. No heavy lifting trying to get the garage door open at JCHolidays. We have made it a really quiet version so as not to disturb the guests in the Master suite. Just enter the code or press the button and let it purr open. It also has motion sensing lighting so when you pop out to the garage it will turn straight on for you.

New - Bins
Helping you go green without the rides!

Polk County changed their bins last year to much bigger wheeled bins that the collectors can pick up easily from the curb. Now we know you like to do a bit of shopping whilst on your vacation so we ordered a second bin for all the packaging you do not want to take home. We also have two yellow recycling bins that you can use and will help with the environment.

New - Washer, Drier
Keeping you fresh and fluffy.

The next thing you will notice in the garage in our new washing machine and tumble drier. These have been once again upgraded for you so you can conveniently do you washing whilst in the villa and not have to take so many clothes with you. But we suspect you might want to try out the new clothes you get at the outlets!!!

New - Air Conditioning Unit
Keeping you cool.

With all the Florida heat you need to have a cool villa to return to and that is something that is taken for granted sometimes but not by JCHolidays . We have completely renewed our whole air-conditioning system inside and out so that you can come home to a beautifully chilled villa after the parks. It has been upgraded to be more efficient which is great for us and the environment.
It is also a lot quieter for our guests and here is one for the boys, it has a variable speed motor that gently increases to full speed and slowly decrease to off when not needed, it just purrs and is rather sexy!!!

New - In the kitchen
Who's for a cuppa.

They often say the kitchen is the heart of the home, well at JCHolidays  we have been busy making sure that it is all just perfect for you. There is a new kettle for those British cups of tea. A fantastic upgraded new oven with shelves that just glide out on rollers and a fantastic upgraded new dishwasher. It is one of quietest we could find so that when the dishes are being done you can catch a movie on the flat screen lcd/hd tv and not even know it is on.

New - Router
Get Surfing.

Internet is so important to everyone while away and you obviously want to tell your friends what a great villa you are staying in. So we have upgraded the router to the latest dual band with 5GHZ so that you can keep in touch.

New - Holiday Planner
Where shall we go tomorrow.

Quite simply you wore out our last one with all your exciting adventures so we have put up a nice new one so you can plan you next magical trips out.

New - Tiki Garden
A Tranquil Place To Relax.

Our last Tiki garden was getting bigger and you told us it was causing leafs to go in the pool. So this year we have completely re-designed and planted the Tiki garden. We love the new look and hope you do to. The planting has been chosen so that there is low leave fall and the plants have all come from local sources in Florida. So grab a drink and chill out by the new Tiki garden on your next stay.

FairFX - Currency card
Helping you with your travel money.

FairFX We often get asked what do you do about travel money. Well we try to be as careful as possible and get the best rate we can. So we usually split having some cash available and having our FairFX currency card . We use cash in restaurants and the FairFX card every where else. With the card you can get an app or use the internet to top up your card immediately.

Check out more details here and decide what is best for you.

Remember you also have two safes in this JCHolidays villa that are securely bolted down to the slab of the villa.
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New LCD HDTV's in Bedrooms
JCHolidays attraction ticketsThe Including the twin room now

All the bedrooms have now had LCD HD TV's added with Blu-ray players.

All the Blu-ray players are "Smart" systems from Samsung.

We have a selection of Blu-rays/DVD in the entertainment centre for you to choose from or you can rent one from the local Wal-Mart.

Happy Viewing....

New LCD HD TVJCHolidays - New TV
The Great Room has a New Flat Screen TV.

The Great Room TV has been upgraded. It is now a fantastic new LCD flat screen HD TV which gives amazing results.
We have also upgraded our cable package so you get over 200 channels and a lot of HD channels.
So after a hard day at the parks you can have a dip in the pool, cook up a feast in the kitchen and relax and enjoy your fav TV shows.

But who gets to choose what you are going to watch!!!

Have we tempted you yet?
Book this JCHolidays Florida Vacation Rental Villa in Orlando, Florida NOWWhat ever the news you are bound to have a great time in Orlando, Florida. So make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic JCHolidays vacation villa and book now before someone else does!!!

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JCHolidays Latest News for Orlando Florida
JCHolidays Latest News for Orlando Florida