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At the approximate geographic centre of the state, the three county Orlando area consists of 2,856 square miles. Orlando is situated approximately 150 miles from the Florida/Georgia border to the north, 50 miles from the Atlantic Coast to the east, 75 miles from the Gulf Coast to the west, and 370 miles from the Florida Keys at the southern tip of the state.

One of the area’s biggest attractions is its year-round mild weather. Mid-Florida’s sub-tropical climate has long been a strong drawing card for tourists and residents alike. At the heart of the “Sunshine State”, the area’s average annual temperature is a comfortable 72.4 degrees. Average annual rainfall amounts to over 50 inches per year, keeping central Florida lush and green throughout the year. Prevailing winds are southerly at nine mph. The average elevation of the region is 127 feet above sea level.

A Rough Guide to the Seasons
Orlando, Florida Weather

Spring (April - May)
A lovely time to visit, the days are getting into the high 80's and 90's, the evenings are also warming up. You will be able to spend the days and evenings in shorts and t-shits. A comfortable time of year for the heat.

Summer (June - September)
The heat and humidity is now coming to it's peak in August and with it brings the famous afternoon showers. Please note the showers often go as quickly as they came and only last a short period of time. So if you are out and about grab some shelter and let it go over, then you can carry on with your plans.

Autumn (October - November)
Like spring the day time temperatures and comfortable during the day and shorts are still fine. However the evenings are getting cooler (60's - 70's) and you may need some light trousers and for those that feel the cold a light jacket. The summer storms have also passed by now.

Winter (December - March)
The winter in Florida is very mild and we have spent Christmas day sunbathing by the pool before. But you may get days where trousers are required and a jacket. The temperatures can vary from the 50's to 70's.

Orlando Average Monthly Weather Statistics
Month Low
Avg Hours
of Sun
January 48 73 11 22 56% 84% 2.2 7
Febuary 50 73 10 23 52% 84% 3.0 8
March 55 78 13 26 50% 85% 3.1 8
April 60 84 16 29 46% 85% 1.8 9
May 67 89 19 31 49% 85% 3.6 10
June 71 91 22 32 57% 90% 7.3 9
July 74 93 23 33 58% 94% 7.3 8
August 73 92 24 32 60% 90% 6.8 8
September 72 90 23 32 60% 87% 6.0 8
October 65 84 19 29 56% 90% 2.5 8
November 58 78 14 26 56% 92% 2.2 8
December 52 74 11 24 57% 88% 2.2 7

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JC Tip
In the summer months when there maybe a quick shower in the afternoon, take a poncho with you so you can make the most of your day. When the shower is over it can be tucked away in a small bag again.

ALWAYS put on the sun screen, even if it looks dull, you will be surprised how quickly you can get burnt, and keep putting it on all day......
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